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WB22 Walk Behind Battery Scrubber

The WB22 incorporates many useful features of a larger automatic scrubbers yet retains the ease of use and maneuverability found in smaller portable units. Perfect for use in small warehouses, healthcare, retail and office buildings, the WB22 strikes the balance between power and affordability. Available with U-Turn™ technology, the WB22 steel-frame chassis is topped by a rotationally molded polyethylene body which resists scuffing and denting. The dual 11" brushes are powered by a single 1/2hp motor and is complemented by a 1/2hp 2 stage filter protected vacuum motor. The rotating squeegee ensures a dry cleaning path and efficient solution pickup. The WB22 will operate for up to 2.5 hours on a single battery change and is engineered for ease of use and long component life.


Patented U-Turn™ Technology


Ergonomic control elements and design


Easy to use and simple to operate


Cleans underneath shelves and around corners


Stainless Steel Chassis


Simple human-engineered controls


Two-stage filter protected motor


200° of rotation for thorough scrubbing and cleaning

Specification WB22 Walk Behind Battery Scrubber
Order Number 484717
Vacuum Motor .5 hp
Brush Motor .5 hp
Brush Speed 135 rpm
Brush Pressure 45 lbs
Transaxle Motor .5 hp
Tank Recovery 13 gal
Tank Solution 13 gal
Scrubbing Path 22"
Squeegee Width 23"
Shipping Dimensions 51" H x 28" W x 38" L
Shipping Weight 400 lbs
Specification WB22 Walk Behind Battery Scrubber