The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

RA 605 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer

A splendidly clean and evenly dry floor!That's what the new RA 605 IBCT scrubber dryer leaves behind. It is easy to use, ecological and efficient.

Equipped with two(2) 12.5" scrubbing brushes, that make a two foot wide cleaning path. Features forward and backward traction drive, and an integrated battery charger. The new RA 605 IBCT is the perfect way to restore daily order to your floors even works on pavement.

With the factory installed Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System (CADS), activated, this high efficiency scrubber can save you up to 50% on chemical usage and costs, and that's great for your busness and the environment.

Twin Brush Scrubbing

Twin rotating brushes scrub a 25" path and perfectly designed rounded form allows you to easily see where you work.

Optional Dosing System

With the optional available CADS, the chemical product you need for your work is carefully dosed to the fresh water just before the cleaning solution outlet.

Foot Operation Simplicity

Easy to operate brush unit and suction bar are both foot operated.

Borderless Cleaning

Non-marking wheels hug the walls and brush proceeds frame for cleaning underneath overhangs.

See-through Tank Cover

Operator can always see inside the tank to check water levels during operation.

Safety Levers

Ensure machine will not run without operator.

Specification RA 605 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer
Order Number 273651
Manufacturer Number 565.055
Vacuum Motor 400W
Waterlift 52”
Brush Motor 750W
Brush Speed 218 rpm each
Brush Size (2) 12.5"
Brush Pressure 121 lbs
Tank Recovery 14.8 gal
Tank Solution 14.5 gal
Scrubbing Path 25"
Squeegee Width 34.6"
Battery (2) 12V
Warranty 1 year
Shipping Dimensions 54.3"L/25.2"W/44.5"H
Shipping Weight 419 lbs w/battery
Specification RA 605 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer