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DS-8 Commercial Steam Cleaner

Maximum performance and super capacity distinguish the DS8 Commercial Steam Vacuum as an excellent commercial cleaning machine. The simple principle of steaming and vacuuming in one integrated operation provides superb cleaning and sanitizing results. Even the most stubborn dirt dissolves with less detergent easily utilizing germ killing steam. The powerful DS8 vacuum makes a fast, complete pickup. DS8 can even be used as an environmentally safe an effective alternative to pesticides in some pest control applications.


Large Capacity and Sanitizing Steam Cleaning


Heavy duty commercial quality performance


Total Power 5 HP, 230 Volt motor


Powerful suction cleaning cleans and dries in one pass

Voltage Converter

*(Sold Separately)* Order Number: 259616

Specification DS-8 Commercial Steam Cleaner
Order Number 264776
Manufacturer Number 036.000
Specification DS-8 Commercial Steam Cleaner