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Pump-Out Vacuum and Adapter

The pump-out vacuum and adapter are especially effective in emergency and restoration flood control situations when needed to quickly clean up liquid spills and leaks. Also great for swimming pool maintenance. The P42010SMP has the same features as our poly wet vacuums. SMP-1 adaptor fits an existing vacuum or drum adapter.

Continuous Recovery System

Liquids are recovered in the tank and continuously pumped out.

SMP-1 - Easy Installation

No special tools or equipment are required - all you need is a tank vacuum or drum adaptor set up for wet pickup and .75" garden hose or 1.5" vacuum hose.

P42010SMP Includes:

1.3 HP Motor Head, 50 Ft 12/3 Power Cord w/Ground Fault Interrupter, 20 Gallon Poly Tank w/Build-In. Pump and Barbed Connector, 15 Ft Intake Hose and 50 Ft Discharge Hose. 5 Ft Metal Wand, Mesh Filter Bag.16" Squeegee and 12" Gulper Tool.

SMP-1 Adapter Includes

Conversion Adaptor w/1.5" Swivel Hose Connector, 4 Ft Vinyl Hose Barbed Hose Connector, Support Cord with Handle Power cord/ground fault interrupter. Mesh Filter Bag.

SMP-1 Adapter

Designed to fit P415 and P420 poly or #15 and #20 steel wet/dry vacuums or drum adapter. 60hz, 120v : 28 GPM @ 23 ft, 8 amps.

Vacuum Pump Specs

60hz, 120v : 44 GPM @ 40 ft, 8 amps.

Specification Pump-Out Vacuum and Adapter
Order Number 431001
Specification Pump-Out Vacuum and Adapter