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S10 plus HEPA Canister Vacuum

The compact design, powerful vacuum performance and low noise level make the S 10 a very user friendly machine, ideal for noise sensitive areas. This power unit is equipped with 5 casters for stability and maneuverability. A full range of attachments allows for seamless cleaning of all surfaces. The S10 Plus HEPA is an excellent performance choice for cleaning and maintenance of allergy free and hospital clean facility environments. Features include ergonomic multifunction handle, HEPA filter cartridge, special seals, and dust bag.

Ergonomic Handle

with built in cord wrap.

HEPA filtration

For hospital and allergy free environmental filtration cleaning.

5 Casters

for excellent stability and maneuverability.

User friendly

easy operation

Designed to neatly fit on a housekeeping cart.

Specification S10 plus HEPA Canister Vacuum
Order Number 252999
Manufacturer Number 022.012
Specification S10 plus HEPA Canister Vacuum