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Enviromaster Wet/Dry Critical HEPA Tank Vacuum

Enviromaster critical filtration HEPA vacuums are designed for the fully sealed operational removal of lead, mold, ceramic dust, aluminum, fiberglass and many other hazardous materials. Designed for use in clean rooms, hospitals, and industrial plants or wherever air and dust pollutants exist. DAF dry models include 1.5" dry tool kit, and WAF wet/dry models include a wet/dry tool kit. EPARRP Compliant

HEPA Filter System

Consists of a primary certified absolute filter, double layer inter-mediate micro filter and totally enclosed two ply disposable paper bag.

Tank Styles

Glidemobile style are equipped with handle, two 2.5" front casters and two 8" rear wheels. The caster tanks have four 2.5" ball bearing swivel casters.

HEPA Filter Design

Constructed of an outer casting and micro-fibered glass paper filter media separated by corrugated aluminum sheeting that is encased in a protective steel screening.

Holdown Clamps

Chrome plated spring steel with non-marring tips to ensure a positive vacuum seal.

HEPA Filter Rating

Minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. Tested using the HOT DOP method at 100 CFM

Poly Tanks

Rotationally molded of high impact plastic with .25" wall constructions, will not leak or dent and resist chemical attack.

2 Ply Intermediate Filter

Protects and extends the life of the HEPA filter.


Swivel Hose Connector 5 Ft Metal Wand 6" Upholstery Tool 10 Ft Vinyl Hose 11" Plastic Crevice Tool 14" Metal Carpet Tool 14" Floor Brush 14" Metal Squeegee* *Wet Kit Only

Microply 2 Ply Paper Filter Bag

Extra large totally enclosed for greater filtration area.

Powerful Motor Head

Choice of 1.3 or 2.3 HP motors and equipped with a 30 ft, 3 wire grounded safety yellow power cord.

Specification Enviromaster Wet/Dry Critical HEPA Tank Vacuum
Order Number 309087
Specification Enviromaster Wet/Dry Critical HEPA Tank Vacuum