The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

SootMaster® 653M

The Sootmaster® are the most durable and recognized line of furnace vacuums on the market today. The filter power system is completely foolproof. It includes a removable cloth filter and totally-enclosed disposable filter bag designed to recover more dirt than any other vacuum cleaner of its same overall size. Vacuum efficiency is maintained at its maximum level from the time the filter bag is installed to when it is filled.

Motor Head Assembly

Durable steel motor head equipped with 1 HP motor.

Holdown Clamp Chrome plated

spring steel holdown clamps with non-marring tips ensure a positive vacuum seal.

Caster and Glidemobile Styles

The caster models are equipped with three or four 2.5" ball bearing swivel casters, and the glidemobile vacuums have two 2.5" casters, two 8" rear wheels and chrome plated steel push handle.

Power Cord

30 Ft, 3 wire grounded safety yellow line cord.

Hose Fitting

1.5" swivel hose connector fits the tank inlet and motor head exhaust fitting for blowing applications. It is positive locking with 360° swivel.

Includes (Kit B)

10 Ft Rubber Lined Canvas Hose; 6 Ft Flexible Metal Hose; 1.5" Swivel Hose Connector; 27" Crevice Tool; Blower Nozzle; 6" Utility Nozzle; Cloth Filter; Paper Filter Bags (5/Pk).

Cold Rolled Steel Tanks

Have a hammermark exterior and epoxy interior. They feature reinforcing ribs to strengthen the tanks for handling higher waterlift and double roll over bottom seal to prevent leaking.

Specification SootMaster® 653M
Order Number 344087
Specification SootMaster® 653M