The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

Scrubby 2-in-1 Battery Scrubber

This 6" battery scrubber weighs in at just 13 pounds. A 9.6V rechargeable battery provides cordless freedom wherever you need to clean. Removable handle instantly turns the Scrubby into a convenient, handheld scrubber that can get just about anywhere.

2-in-1 Machine

Clean tight hard to reach areas using the Scrubby on its extended handle - then take off and use as a handheld scrubber.

Scrubby comes standard with:

Trigger operated handle extension pole. 6" Standard Nylon Scrubbing Brush. Rechargeable Battery and AC Charger.

Unconventional Cleaning

Easily clean floors to walls, ceilings, baseboards, stairs and other areas where other cleaning machines are impractical.

Optional Accessories:

254274 6" Nylon Tall Brush 254282 6" Tynex Tall Brush253626 Extra 6" Nylon Brush253634 Extra Battery
253642 Extra Battery Charger

Cordless Operation

Forget annoying cords and searching for outlets. Scrubby lets you work with rechargeable battery operated convenience.

Specification Scrubby 2-in-1 Battery Scrubber
Order Number 253189
Specification Scrubby 2-in-1 Battery Scrubber