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TW 411 Carpet Extractor Spotter

Spray extraction spotter machine for textile surfaces such as carpets, upholstery or car interiors. Thanks to the compact and lightweight construction ideal for basic cleaning of small to medium sized surfaces. Easily removable dirty water tank allows for efficient operation. The powerful suction results in a fast drying surface, the optional hard floor adapter enables cleaning of stone and other hard floor surfaces.

Powerful -

Perfect for small to medium sized areas.

Optional tools available -

For wide range of cleaning applications.

Lightweight -

For easy operation.

Powerful Suction -

Keeps area dry while cleaning.

215-270 sq ft max. area

Specification TW 411 Carpet Extractor Spotter
Order Number 253014
Manufacturer Number 043.000
Specification TW 411 Carpet Extractor Spotter