The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

RA 300 Electric Scrubbers

Easy to use. the RA300 washes, scrubs and squeegees floors, leaving them clean and dry.

Shared Solution/Recovery Tank

Durable rotationally molded polyethylene tank is removable, with shared bladder system and drain port.

Two quick release brushes

wash and scrub on most hard floor surfaces.

Controls conveniently located

Separate ON/OFF switch that control the brushes and vacuum. Solution is dispensed with a trigger.

Two quick release squeegees

with vacuum shoes, dries the entire cleaning path both in forward and reverse.

Forward/Reverse operation

reducing labor, time and effort while providing more effective cleaning.

Telescoping handle

molded of durable plastic, adjusts to operators height and folds for transport or storage.

Specification RA 300 Electric Scrubbers
Order Number 460931
Manufacturer Number 300.000
Specification RA 300 Electric Scrubbers