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RA 535 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer

Make cleaning twice as fast with the RA 535 IBCT.

Our Smallest, Most Efficient,Ride-On Scrubber-Dryer model, the RA 535 IBCT handles tight curves, narrow doorways,and confined corridors easily.

The fully automatic suction base is installed beneath the vehicle and is protected so it won't get stuck.
Quick and responsive drive motor, comfortable fatigue free seating, large scrubber size and high maneuverability all add up to spending less energy and less time cleaning!

PN#280720 RA535IBCT Package with CADS System & Battery shown.

Optional CADS System

Save up to 50% in chemical costs with the optional Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System(CADS*). Chemical product is dosed to the fresh water according to speed. Only use what you need!

Operating panel

Clear, easy to navigate Operating Panel features a battery life indicator so you know when to charge ahead of time.

Suction Squeegee

Suction Squeegee is positioned directly behind the brush for immediate and complete pickup.

Slide-Out Battery Box

Open slide-ot battery drawer to reveal the battery box and charging plug for quick and easy charge hookup.

Easy on the Operator

A non-slip foot rest and pedal along with a comfortable seat and easy water drainage sytem make this machine a breeze to use.

Great Versatility

Use RA 535 to ride, scrub, and dry in Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Narrow Corridors, Department stores - anywhere that hard floors need regular commercial cleaning and maintenance.

Specification RA 535 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer
Order Number 280720
Specification RA 535 IBCT Battery Auto Scrubber Dryer