The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

20 inch 115V Floor Resurfacing Machine

The MTHC 20" 115V multi-purpose machine is designed for surfacing concrete floors, restoring or preparing wood decks and hardwood floors. Unique belt drive, three-head system is designed for smooth operation with superior results.

Counter-rotating head makes this machine easy to operate and control with no sliding. The 1760 RPM models are recommended for concrete or wood and the 3450 RPM for polishing concrete. Equipped with 6" transport wheels, vacuum port for use with the 1012DOF dry vacuum and bottom dust skirt that contains dust during operation.

Outer Bowl w/Lift Handles

and Vacuum Port. Made of spun steel with vacuum ports and the inner bowl of cast aluminum.

Superior Dust Control

Adjustable Bottom Dust Skirt Provides dust containment during operation.

Heavy-Duty Motor

With Dual Capacitors Equipped with 2 HP motor.

Handle and Frame

Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability. The handle has a quick disconnect for transport.

Flexible Startup Trigger

Non-conductive with safety lock-out to prevent accidental startup. Operator activates the machine with a gentle squeeze.

30 Ft. Power Cord

12/3 wire grounded with water resistant jacket.

Heavy Duty Switch

Set in steel switch box with a 15 AMP circuit breaker.

Specification 20 inch 115V Floor Resurfacing Machine
Order Number 275158
Specification 20 inch 115V Floor Resurfacing Machine