The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

Robo - Robotic Battery Scrubber

The ROBO 40 is a Floor scrubbing cleaning robot that can clean up to 12,900+ft˛ without human input. The ROBO 40 is controlled by the CURONAŽ navigation system which represents its eyes and brain. 8 ultrasonic sensors and 3 infrared sensors ensure that the robot is perfectly aware of its environment. Three modes (random areas, corridor cleaning and hallway cleaning) allow the ROBO 40 to optimize cleaning efficiency. This system represents the most advanced automatic cleaning technology in the world today and it is combined with simple controls and sensible prices.


cleans med/large areas effortlessly.


easy to use and simple to operate.


programmable cleaning path for superior flexibility.


11 total sensors intelligently navigate the cleaning environment.


3 modes for optimal cleaning regardless of the environment.


use less man hours and accomplish more.


contains the intelligent CURONAŽ Navigational system.


each mode uniquely and efficiently cleans it's designated area.

Specification Robo - Robotic Battery Scrubber
Order Number 253200
Manufacturer Number 700.000
Specification Robo - Robotic Battery Scrubber