The name Mastercraft was adapted because it reflected an aim to develop products and supply for Masters of various Crafts that would make their tasks easier, more satisfying and at lowered effective costs.

RA 431B Duo

The new RA 431B Duo is the perfect way to restore daily order to your floors with a single machine. Thoroughly clean using the brush attachment at 180 rpm, then quickly change to the polishing brush attachment or a polishing pad, switch to 500 rpm seed and polish. RA431B Duo is also suitable for cleaning PVC, PU, cork, and parquet flooring. Add the right protective floor conditioner and polish after cleaning for a lasting, dirt-repellent shine.


Clean, polish, and consolidate. No need to have two separate machines to get the job done. Clean, scrub, pickup, and polish your floors to a shine with storage space to spare.

Easy Operation

Much easier to operate than conventional single disc machines, the RA 431B DUO is self propelled, a breeze to steer, and vibration free.


Use on a variety of hard floors just to clean or clean and polish with your type of floor conditioners. It's powerful enough to clean a large area while still being user friendly enough to bring out just for spot removals or touch ups.

No Cord Constraints

Forget kicking the cord around and having to stop work to find outlets. RA 431B DUO is battery operated, and fully changed it offers 3 hours of highly efficient run time.

Specification RA 431B Duo
Order Number 269689
Manufacturer Number 436.005
Specification RA 431B Duo