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Striker 2010B Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber

With easy controls located at the operators finger tips and clearly illustrated, the Striker 2010 is the perfect automatic scrubber for your mid-size floors.

Rotationally molded

polyethylene tanks.

Protected connection

for brush and motor.

Built-in brush delay

Adjustable manual squeegee

Brush head lifts mechanical

Metal main frame construction

Recovery tank

tilted for total drainage.

Filter protects vacuum motor

Easy access to circuit breaker

Traction or Brush Driven

2.6 MPH forward / 1.6 MPH reverse.

Specification Striker 2010B Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber
Order Number 234052
Vacuum Motor .5 HP
CFM 65
Waterlift 42"
Brush Motor 1 HP
Brush Speed 235 rpm
Brush Size 20"
Brush Pressure 50-100 lbs
Tank Recovery 10.8 gal
Tank Solution 10.8 gal
Scrubbing Path 20"
Squeegee Width 30"
Battery (2) 12V, 155 amp Hr.
Run Time 3 Hours
Warranty Motor-1 year, Poly Tank- 5 years, Balance 1 year
Transport Wheels (2) 8"
Shipping Dimensions 49" H x 24" W x 54" L
Shipping Weight 522 lbs
Specification Striker 2010B Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber